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Monday, January 25, 2010

Wedding of Ammar and Nisa

Wait! This is not about their wedding.
Its just about little thing that I made based on their order.
They want me to make mozaic and a photo story of their life each.
You can see the pictures of the results.
They just want the soft file. They will execute this.
I just hearing that this 2 file will be printed in the size 75 x 50
And they will use it for wall ornament in their wedding.
I hope they’re satisfied with all my works.
And I hope their wedding become first and last wedding.
It means love forever! Amin! :D

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Limited Lasswell’s Tote Bags

Yeahs.. examinations has finished.
And I’m gonna get a long holiday. A month!
Can you imagine it? it is very long time and I don’t have something to do.
I have a trip to Dieng Plateu. But it was unlucky trip because of hard rain.
And I comeback to Yogyakarta, and do this thing.
I have a plan about weeks ago to make Lasswell theory to be attached in a tote bag.
I made it with my friend, Abi.
It was a famous theory in communication science.
You can understand.
enjoy the pictures.
that was my friend, Abi. and the result of this bag!
And this is week end, fellas..!
Happy nice weekend!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Face Color Splashing

Face Color Splashing
Yes. That is my concept for plastic camera exhibition.
This exhibition called “Ketika Cahaya Menenun Nada – Phodiography”
It means : when lights wove tone.
It was held on December 16th – 23rd 2009 at Museum Kupu-Kupu (Butterfly Museum)
This project allows artists to make a photograph based on a song (randomly) as his/her stimulation for make it.

I got song Dunia Maya from Stereomantic.
This song has enough beat up.
According to my ear, this song has colorful nuance.
So directly this idea comes.
Face color splashing.
I got Intan Reza Sumadiputri as girl model and Swandi Ranadila as boy model.
What actually I wanna say with this photograph is to carry the nuance of the song.
So people who look at this photograph will be feel as colorful as the song.
I used my Lomo Fisheye no. 2 for Intan and Brawn SLR for Swandi.
I used kodak color film ISO 200/36 for both of them.
Okey, I think enogh. Enjoy the picture! :D
See yah!
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