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Friday, May 28, 2010

The Latest Notebooks I’ve Made

Some of my friends want me to make notebook for their lovely person.
It was simple that they sent me the pictures for the cover, and I made it!
Here is the results!

Wedding Invitation and Design for It's Souvenir

It was very simple and DIY wedding invitation.
For the Souvenir, I just made the design.
Here is the results! Enjoy!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Poenel’s Acrylics Trophy

Hi Friends! It was long time, so I can’t reach my own blog. And I think, this is the time I bring you something I made.

Poenel’s Family is a group of people in my campus who has a great relationship as family. The name Poenel come from a girl’s named Punel. I didn’t see her yet. But Poenel’s Family said that she was not really beautiful, but she was good in academic and non academic scope. That’s why she becomes idol in campus. It was in 2005.

One of them is married now. He was Mr. Priambodo Adi Nugroho. His friend, Brama, told me that they were going to make trophy for family members who married first and so on. The lucky first is Mr. Priambodo. His name wrote in that trophy with his wife of course.

This trophy made from acrylics. I just make the design, and it was executed in Graphico (one of printing shop in Yogyakarta). And here is the result. Enjoy! (there also a pray before you make love with your wife/husband) :p

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Happy Birthday Swandi

Hello Swandi!
happy birthday to you!
what I can say : "thank you so much for anything"
what I can give is just this simple thing..

wish all the best for yah!
enjoy the gift, dude!

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