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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Ojanto’s Notebook(s) Limited Edition

Here they come. 10 pcs of ojanto’s notebooks (limited edition).
They come in 5 different designs. It means, it’s only 2 pcs per design.
It contains 100pages of 10.5 cm x 14.8 cm white HVS 80gr paper.
And printed cover in ivory 260gr paper doff laminated.
And who want this stuff, just send me mail or call me by phone.

Special Edition Notebook for Swandi & Sungging

I live in a rent house. There are 3 human inside.
And I wanna give them this notebook.
Swandi is a photograper, so I put camera pattern on the cover, (black)
And of course his picture inside.
And Sungging, I put his girlfriend’s artwork on the cover,(white)
And his picture inside.
I hope they’re happy with this stuff.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Notebook with Printed Cover (limited edition)

Finally I have something to be posted in this December.
Firstly, Ariena order me to make her a notebook.
And I try to make this one. And I think its fun for me.
I feel free to design and to make all my imagination into notebook cover. Haha..
I made 2 pieces first. One for Ariena (based on order) , and the other is giraffe’s notebook.
I pack it into plastic and trying to give it my label inside.
Happy long long weekend! Happy new year!

I’d like to say Thank you to Mirna, Arindi, and Siti

Thank you so much for trust in me to make this stuff.

Mirna for her friend

Arindi for her boyfriend

Siti for her boyfriend

One more time, thank you so much.

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