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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Wedding Gift for Radit & Nisa

Hello, everyone!
this is actually something I done last month, 
but, I just remember today!
so, I post it right now. 
This is only a simple laser engrave wall decor
for my friend's wedding gift.

I don't have any idea what will I engrave, 
so I did stalk their facebook and got their couple photo.
I just process it, and  got this.

I just engrave it on 3mm plywood.
I did it in HONFablab.

have a happy life, Nisa & Radit! :D

Visual for Jalan Pulang's Promo Kit

Hello, everyone!
today I'm going to share my first experience in music things. 
my friends gave me chance to involve in their band
by making visual for their promo kit (demo). 

The stitching is pretty basic, 
I put canvas on wooden hoops, and start to stitch their name on it.
I hear their music in soundcloud (visit their page here)
and eventually I just made this, 
and they like it. 

we're going to discuss more about upcoming project.
I wish I could make something nice for them.

here's one of their music, take a listen. :)

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Laser Engraved Wall Deco

Hello, everyone! really long time no see! I miss posting things on my blog.. :D
I'm going to share about a birthday gift for one of my friend.
Her boyfriend asked me to make a quotation. I think a lot, and this is it. 
Just a simple saying and then executed with laser engraving. 

I use 5mm plywood and directly engrave it with laser cut machine.
It took around 30 mins to finish the whole design to be engraved. 
I'm pretty satisfy with the result, it burnt!
I left the dust there, just hoping a bit shading effect.

yes, according to me, 
sexy is not about having extra couple pounds on your ass.
it's more like desire of being passionate
and moving gracefully on the path you love. 
Sexy is a delicate matter that made you loved by people.
last words, Happy Birthday, Tika!

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