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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

My Old Toypaper

Maybe a year ago, I really interested with this craft.
Print, cut, glue! Thats what I have done..
I found the pattern on internet, but I forget the link.
You can do googling. Hehehe..
This are what I have made.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Giraffe’s Tshirt for Ariena krishandi

Days ago, I asked my friend named Abi to give me short course about manual printing on tshirt.
And yesterday was the execution day! Yay!!! Finally I met the tools and it was new experience for me.
Abi told me many things about the methods. I listen to it, watch it carefully, and try to understand.
This is the picture when Abi clean the screen. It was in his bathroom! Hahaha :D

And then, it was when Abi want to transfer the shape of the design to the screen.

This picture was the fastest process. Give a tint to the tshirt. Less than a minute. Hahahahahah... :D

And our first project finally come!!!! Yay!!!

About this project ...
I met a funny girl named Ariena krishandi
And she was running in my brain like it was a park.
Yeash, and this tshirt for her and I. this is a couple tshirt.

We really like giraffes.
And I use samson paper to make wrapping bag.
See yah..!!! ^^

Monday, October 19, 2009

fisheye result

i can't say many things..
today i just able to show you about my fisheye results..

this is when celebrating BATIK DAY..
me and some of my friends going out to eat and we do capturing with my fisheye..

and here is my friends called Yogie..
it was in his birthday - Oktober 15th
just enjoying this graph..
I really love this !

Monday, October 5, 2009

Finally the Tobucil’s Notebook comes to me. YAY! ^^

I’ve been waiting for this notebook for long long time..
(maybe for 2 weeks)
But, today I got it. and I feel so happy!!!!
Who made this?
She is Tarlen Handayani.
She was a crafter from Bandung, West Java.
Wanna know more about her?
You can visit her at or
And I’d like to say so much thanks for her.
Actually I have a plan to write down about my stories, (make a diary)
But I don’t think that daily diary blog is good for me.
So I decide to write down on paper. And the notebook just come to me today.
Thats why I really happy! :D
Here the pictures of this notebook. :D

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Fabric Covered Notebook with New Binding

Days ago, I meet this blog.
She wrote that she’s just made her own notebook with simple binding.
And I requested tutorial to make the notebook. Specially I want to know how to binding a notebook.
And here is the link of tutorial. It useful I think.
And here is the results. :D
Enjoy! ^^
Have a a nice week!

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