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Friday, April 23, 2010

Gading’s Notebook

I have a quotation :
“I really happy to meet you , great friend – and do some great things with you”
Gading Narendra Paksi – April 22 was his birthday.
It was earth day.
And I remember something that I promise to make him a notebook.
And it just already done after months ago I promised.
Hahaha ;p I’m sorry, friend.
It was really hard to find his picture in his facebook.
He doesn’t really like to take pictures of his self.
So I use that pictures.
Here is the result!
Nice to meet you. :D

Putri Santoso’s Notebook

Putri live in Bandung. She works at Prambors Bandung.
Hahaha :p well known of course.
She ordered notebook to give her friend birthday gift.
She just order via messenger, and send me the brief and some pictures, and here is the result!
*sorry , I can say too much!* :p

Dwi Kurniawan’s Notebook

He is my friend. (hard to say this, because he still owe me till now) haha :p
He asked me to make notebook too.
He ordered 4 notebooks with same design and different destination.
I don’t really care about his destination.
What I know that he wants to give some girls he loved.
I can’t photograph the result, but fortunately he was a photographer, so I just asked him to send me the picture of the result.
Here they are! Enjoy!

April’s Notebook

Something crazy happened in the beginning of April.
My friend named Ditta Aprilia, is going to face her birthday in April 11.
She doesn’t expect some gift from everyone, but she want to make gift for 20 people she love most.
She decided to make 20 because it was her age.
What was she made?
She made notebook from me.
20 pieces and I got one! Yay!
Happy birthday! Wish all the best!
Enjoy the result! :D

Interval T shirt

Swandi Ranadila was whispering something interesting to me.
What is that?
“My brother in Pekanbaru wants to make T shirt for his class. You wanna take or not?”
I answered, “Why not?!”
Interval is name of his class.
The t shirt was already produced. And will be finished at Apri 29.
And here is the design.
(I hope you are satisfy with this)

Fallentine #3 : Hasta Manana

I’m just asked by my friend to join producing this event. Why not?!
Subjective information of this event :
Organized by : Forum Music Fisipol UGM (FMF)
Name : Fallentine #3 – Hasta Manana
Time : Friday, April 2 2010 – 20.00 till death
Venue : Amphitheater Taman Budaya Yogyakarta
Performer :
- The Trees and The Wild
- Melancholic Bitch
- Armada Racun
- Individual Life
- Black Stocking
The ticket was sold out! 300 tickets!
Instantly it just made me so happy! :D yay!
I’m not really taking important role inside. I’m just a layouter.
I made the poster with Swandi Ranadila as photographer and Ariena Khrisandi as model.
Thanks to you both.
Logo I made for this event also used to be tshirt of this event.
Enjoy! :D

Mosaic for Sari’s Brother (young and dangerous!) :p

One day, Sari calls me loud in campus, “Ojantoooo…!!”
“I wanna make one more mosaic! It is for my brother. Here is the flashdisk where hundreds photos of him and his girlfriend. Make it mosaic! I’ll wait!”
And she’s gone!
Ok, without too much think I just make it, and here is the result.
The boy was so young, and
The girl was so dangerous!
And I think they are young and dangerous!
I just hoping that with this mosaic, they’ll have good relationship till death!
Hahahaha :p

Notebook ordered by Karlina Aucia

Karlina Aucia is one of my old friend, she usually called UCI.
Cute name I think!
She ordered to me 2 notebooks for her friend’s birthday.
Unfortunately (again), I can take picture of it.
So I just be able to put the design of covers here.
Days after she gave the gift, she told me that her friend was excited with the gift.
I was really happy to hear that.
Thank you so much.
Here are the pictures. Why I put four graphic because for each notebook contain 2 cover (front and back)
Enjoy! :D

Ridha’s Notebook

My friend named Ridha, has a lovely boyfriend.(maybe) I don’t really know about this.
She proofed it by asking me to make a gift for his boy. Hahaha.. :p
She wants me to make notebook.
Unfortunately, I can’t take pictures of the result. It’s just too late.
But, I just show you the cover, one of the content, and back cover of the notebook.
In middle graph , there is a poem.
It is so nice, and.. melancholic.
Enjoy the pictures. :D

BIntan Island

I hope someday I can visit that paradise. ( make a wish at first :p )
One day, Mas Diwa and Mas Tuki asked me to retouch and make some designs for Bintan’s Tshirt.
I know that it really simple and didn’t do much think.
I just do it happily.
And some rupiahs I’ve got from them. Hahaha.. :)
Thank you so much, brothers!
Enjoy the pictures!
p.s. if you have this tshirt, you can take the photograph and send to my mail thanks

Making Catalog for Ardi Wilda’s Photography Exhibition

I’ve got a friend named Ardi Wilda.
He is a good man, artsy, and of course creative.
I don’t really know about him, but he trusts me to make his catalog for his photography exhibition.
What I can share to you all is just the cover of this digital catalog.
You can download at this link.
What can I say from his exhibition, he made very good concept. Touching.
It’s about his family.
(it was digital exhibition on flickr. You can find the link on his blog)
If you want to know more about him, he has a nice blog.

p.s. thanks for your post about your 5 most favorite blogs from communication student.


Hi everyone! I always think about my blog which is not updated for a month.
And now I’m just start again to write and upload photos.
Here is graphic for Repertoar’s Stickers.
Repertoar is like zine, where all people in Faculty of Social and Politic Science UGM be able to share her/his writing.
Thanks to Mas Irfan that trust me to do this graph, even so many great designer out there.

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