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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Ojanto’s Notebook(s) Limited Edition

Here they come. 10 pcs of ojanto’s notebooks (limited edition).
They come in 5 different designs. It means, it’s only 2 pcs per design.
It contains 100pages of 10.5 cm x 14.8 cm white HVS 80gr paper.
And printed cover in ivory 260gr paper doff laminated.
And who want this stuff, just send me mail or call me by phone.

Special Edition Notebook for Swandi & Sungging

I live in a rent house. There are 3 human inside.
And I wanna give them this notebook.
Swandi is a photograper, so I put camera pattern on the cover, (black)
And of course his picture inside.
And Sungging, I put his girlfriend’s artwork on the cover,(white)
And his picture inside.
I hope they’re happy with this stuff.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Notebook with Printed Cover (limited edition)

Finally I have something to be posted in this December.
Firstly, Ariena order me to make her a notebook.
And I try to make this one. And I think its fun for me.
I feel free to design and to make all my imagination into notebook cover. Haha..
I made 2 pieces first. One for Ariena (based on order) , and the other is giraffe’s notebook.
I pack it into plastic and trying to give it my label inside.
Happy long long weekend! Happy new year!

I’d like to say Thank you to Mirna, Arindi, and Siti

Thank you so much for trust in me to make this stuff.

Mirna for her friend

Arindi for her boyfriend

Siti for her boyfriend

One more time, thank you so much.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Stitching Across The Lines

I try to make something again.
I try to do stitching across the line I made.
And the first project was my friend face.
She is manda. You can visit her page at

And the next project I try to made this more seriously.
I made a couple of fishes that fell in love each other.
I don’t know why I made this.
But it really fun for me.
Enjoy the pictures..
see yaaaaaaaaaahhh.. ^o^

I also want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for Swandi Ranadila
for lending me his camera so I can documented all of this stuff to be uploaded here.
you can visit his page at

Birthday Gift FROM Ariena

Still in 24 November 2009, at my campus
Ariena came to me and gave me a gift..
I opened this and here the gift at the pictures.
It looked so usual. But...
Following on the letter inside the gift, it contains something I have to do and the meaning of this gift.
Shortly, I can tell you that it is not a usual gift.
She told that I have to take care of this gift.
Because, inside this turtle there are a beautiful grass seed.
After 3 weeks it will grow up.
And i’ll see the beautiful of the grass.
She also told that turtle move slowly,
According to her letter, it means turtle try to understand every step in his life.
So we can be more wise in this life.
Thank you so much Ariena.. :)
Just enjoy the pictures.
FYI : you can visit Ariena page at (she has many pages)
hahahahahha...see yah.. ^^

Birthday Gift FROM Yuvita

24 November 2009 is my birthday. Yay!! ^0^
Early in the morning, Yuvita came to my house and bring me a tart cake, canned milk, and a burger.
Thank you so much.. ^^
And she gave me little piece of handmade gift. Hahahha.. :)
It looked so funny... ^^
Just enjoy the picture.
One more time, I wanna say thank you so much for today.. :)
FYI : you can visit Yuvita’s page at
See yah..

Birthday Gift FOR Ermaya

Ermaya Widiastuti is her full name.
She is my college mate.
And you know what?
Her birthday date was the same as me.
I’m just a year older.
Hahahah.. :D
Days ago I got problems with her,
And I wanna this stuff as birthday gift and apologize gift for her.
I made her a cross stitch in a deer and text pattern.
Beside I’d like to make a deer pattern,
I just understand that deer is as beautiful as her.
Hahahaha... :D
I wrapped the gift still in printed samson paper.
I hope that she will be happy for this gift.
FYI : you can visit ermaya’s page at
See yah.. :)

Birthday Gift FOR Intan Reza

21 november was Intan’s Birtday.
She is 2 YO older than me right now.
She is small physically, but she has good quality in english and france language.
She was a good listener.
Thats why I keep her as my ‘sister’.
She is the person who teach me how to think out of the box.
She is my good friend!
And I wanna give her a birthday gift by my hand.
I made her a cross stitch of Smiling Blue Dino Head.
And I wrapped it in printed samson paper.
I hope that she will be happy with the gift.
Thank you so much, Intan.. :)

Monday, November 9, 2009

Ojanto’s Bracelets

I started to make a kind of craft again
I do it first time when I was in ten
And I left it for years.
Days ago I go to an embroidery shop and found the material
I really like to see the color
My friend, Wandi also do it years ago
We both remembering that this stuff very popular that time
And for my project, I wanna make at least 50 different bracelets.
I hope I can.
It really fun, guys! Hahahaa :d
Enjoy the picture!

Souvenir for Media and Journalism Seminar

My friend named Yustan asked me to make souvenir for this event
This souvenirs plans for the gift for the speaker in that seminar
At the first time I don’t know what I have to do with budget 60.000 rupiah (its about 6 US$) per souvenir
He wants some kind of unusual souvenir, and handmade stuff
I just go to embroidery shop and find the stuff separately.
And I made it.
Here the results.
It cost approximately 25.000 rupiah per piece
And I don’t know where the money run right now.
Hahahahaha ^^
I don’t really care about it.
What I care just I can make something for someone.
I hope that all the speakers will be happy with that souvenir.
Enjoy the picture! ^^

Design for Gelanggang Expo 2009

in this early October, my friend named Bulbul asked me for a help
I don’t know what kinds of help that I can do
She explained that she wants me to make design for an event she held
She told that I have to make it’s poster design, backdrop stage design, and gate in design
I worked all night long that time. Hahaha... I really tired, but its fun! ^^
I don’t really well in design actually
But these all what I can do for her as my friend..

This is the poster.

That is the stage, and the backdrop.

And that is the gate in.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

iPod Tote Bag

finally , this project comes true.
This tote bag made from outdoor printing materials.
I really inspired to make an ipod tote bag.
I made the design, and the print it!
I made for 1m x 1m outdoor printing. Actually it can be 2 pieces of totebag.
You can see there the other design. A Lubitel camera. But it still in process.
Waiting for a day, finally my order come, and I cut it!

and which part that make me feel this is not 100% my creation,
I don’t sew it my self. But its okay.
I still learning about sewing.
And look at that stuff! Is it funny nice??

Thank you for my friends who help me to realize this project. Yay! :D
Give applause to them! Hahaha :D see yah!^^
model : Muhammad Yustan
Photos by :

- Dwi Kurniawan (
- Blasius Abram A.W (

thank you very much, friends.. :D

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

My Old Toypaper

Maybe a year ago, I really interested with this craft.
Print, cut, glue! Thats what I have done..
I found the pattern on internet, but I forget the link.
You can do googling. Hehehe..
This are what I have made.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Giraffe’s Tshirt for Ariena krishandi

Days ago, I asked my friend named Abi to give me short course about manual printing on tshirt.
And yesterday was the execution day! Yay!!! Finally I met the tools and it was new experience for me.
Abi told me many things about the methods. I listen to it, watch it carefully, and try to understand.
This is the picture when Abi clean the screen. It was in his bathroom! Hahaha :D

And then, it was when Abi want to transfer the shape of the design to the screen.

This picture was the fastest process. Give a tint to the tshirt. Less than a minute. Hahahahahah... :D

And our first project finally come!!!! Yay!!!

About this project ...
I met a funny girl named Ariena krishandi
And she was running in my brain like it was a park.
Yeash, and this tshirt for her and I. this is a couple tshirt.

We really like giraffes.
And I use samson paper to make wrapping bag.
See yah..!!! ^^
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