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Friday, April 29, 2011

Pipette Pattern

hello everyone! :)
I wanna tell you that I have a new blog. 
 this is the way I'm documenting all my patterns I made.
have a visit and enjoy it! 

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Lucky Shots

Just feel lil bit lucky for tonight. I got some pictures, so I can share to you all. I saw beautiful lights on a gig and my camera saw the picture beautifully. :) I met full moon from Nitiprayan - Jogjakarta (the place I saw sunset). So, I just want to share it all to you! :) enjoy!

 beautiful lights captured beautifully


 lights, tree, and stars

yes, I met a full moon! 

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Making Pythagoras Pouch

One day, impulsively, Putri and I making pouch with triangles pattern. And we called them Pythagoras Pouch! visit for more pictures and information. I just want to share pictures of process making it. So, enjoy! :) thanks for visiting.

print the design

make the stencil and put it on screen

screen-printing with stencil

wait till it dry


the result :)

Monday, April 11, 2011

Making Paper-Pulp

What do you think about AO? 
I made this from newspapers! 
I think I just want to share the pictures.. :) enjoy!

 cut the newspaper into pieces!

a in helvetica

 dry condition

look at the detail

 my new ashtray

 look at the texture

Monday, April 4, 2011

Photos of The Day

Sometimes I feel trapped in this blog. Sometimes I can't share anything except my crafts. But today I change that! I wanna change that. I want to share anything I have in mind. One thing you should know. I will share good things here. :)

I have some pictures taken today. I think they can be inspiration for me and you. Just let me know if you want to use this pictures, okay? I'll be so happy if you want to. So, what's your good things today? wanna share with me?

see ya! :)
here we go!
I love the color and graphic in this matches

nice lamp shade, isn't it?

 120mm film exposed! not mine. haha :)


I do love the sunset today :)
go home

goodbye, sun.. see you in the morning

I love this scenery
Nitiprayan - Jogjakarta

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Many Gifts in Friday Night!

In the end of March, the rain was continuously going down to this city. But, I’m not afraid of it. Me and my partner ( Putri), still eager to get out and find something new. I realized, there are 3 gifts from our friends. So, I just want to write it to my blog. Just want to say thank you to them. Here they are.

3 gifts on Friday nite. :)


 felt rose flower 

owl keychain 

thank you mbak Iid and mbak Kiky (-:


 stitching skull plushie

thank you mbak Lois (-:
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