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Friday, September 24, 2010

Learn to Fly

Wohooohooo..!!! here I am!
Now, I come again, bring you something to see, to feel, to buy (I hope). Hahaha.. This time, I wanna tell ya about the newest project of mine. I have a new blog again. I’m not alone here, with my great partners, Putri and Aris, we’re going to make all of ideas come to this world so you can see ‘em.

About the content inside
This blog is representative of our nest, our home. The place where we can think and act about things we love. With lovely atmosphere, we’re gonna keep learn to fly higher and wider! We’re gonna fly reaching our dreams. For further story, just visit the blog – Nest of Ojanto.
Enjoy, fellas! Have a good day :D

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