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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Make Photo Props at HONFablab

Hello, everyone! :)
Today, I wanna share about my recent activity, make photo props (property). I made it in HONFablab. I made this photo props from 3mm plywood. And then cut it using intelligent big machine, SHOPBOT. About the shape, I just download the vector from internet. It's so easy and fun, you can make your own photo props at HONFablab, so what are you waiting for, just come :)

 Ira, Gentur, and Aga (HONFablab team)
*make photo like this when you come there* 

 Cutting process 

 Cutting process 

 can you see four faces?

 just put any stick on it, 
and you're ready to be captured!


 And this one, I try to play with spray color and sticker.
So we can also have a dialog box as a photoprops.

 go make any sticker you want.
*you can make it in HONFablab too*

 put it on your chat box plate.
Spray color on it, 
and put off your sticker.

 taraaa.. now, we have chat box as photo props!
let's play! :D

How To Make DIY Coaster from Ice Sticks

Hello, Everyone!
how beautiful this life if we can share to others, right? Today, I wanna share about little things, how to make DIY Coaster from Ice Sticks. This coaster look like wooden palette. It's so simple, so easy, you make it by your self. Let's start! :D

 DIY Coaster from Ice Sticks


 prepare your ice sticks, 
we need to cut round parts of stick.
Measure it till 10cm, make it all same.

 Ice stick made of soft wood
so we can cut it by scissors only.

 Make a rectangle like this.
 glue it using white glue (wooden glue)

arrange the sticks like this
no need to precisely measured actually
you can make your own style.

 this is mine.
glue first, and put the sticks.

 almost done. 

taraaa..! :D
we're done..
now we have DIY coaster to beautify this life

see ya

Monday, September 17, 2012


Helvetotebag is just simple tote bag, with cheap enough and eco-friendly materials. Words can be printed there, using a well-known typeface (font) called Helvetica.

In this case, I try to explore more about how to pack the product better. I use cardboard to make box for each totebag. And put on Helvetotebag letter on the cardboard using rubber stamp. Quite messy but actually I like it. hehe.. :)

In this video, I try to depict that Helvetotebag is be able to change the anxiety and joyless to be the opposite - Happy and confident! :)

have a joyful day, everybody! :D


Monday, September 10, 2012

Dentist Name Card

We all know, there's so much great references of name cards. But what would you like to do? copy paste it? or just think that name card is not a big deal? I'm sorry, I do really care about this one. Name card is one of our weapon to let people know about us. Haha.. no offense, its just thought of mine.

Yuvita want me to make name card for her early new career, a dentist. And I just came up with this idea. I make it simple, using 2 colors (dark brown v.s orange), and I put a simple local (Java) proverb. "Ojo Ulat Peteng". It means don't stop smiling, then your activity will work well. This is obviously an important message the dentist have to say to people. Dentist is doctor who help people having their best smile.

I give a simple smiley icon, and I wrote the proverb in Javanese ancient script. So, enjoy the result. And I hope you'll be a great dentist, Yuvita! :D

Saturday, September 8, 2012

stiching on plywood :)

Today, I just finished a little stitching work. I have a piece of plywood (a bad one actually). And I was thinking of make some stitching on it. I prepared my screwdriver and put drilling bit on it. And then I drew some sketch on the plywood. I just make some dots following the lines. And I drill it. drrr drrr drr.. :))

After finished making 3mm holes across the line, I wanna make the surface of plywood more smooth using sand-paper. And I started to stitch on it! here the result! :D
have a nice Saturday :)

 sketch and ready to drill


 started to stich

stitching on plywood

Thursday, September 6, 2012

enjoy making postcards :D

In this post, I wanna share something. I thought, postcards is no longer fun to be made. But now, I really really enjoy this things, making postcards. Here are some of postcards I've made.. enjoy :) I'll post more.. you can also visit :D for more information you can follow twitter @nestofojanto or email at ojantowork(at)gmail(dot)com. see you around!


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