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Saturday, March 30, 2013

ROB(O)RSE (a DIY stop motion movie)

ROB(O)RSE is one of my impulsive spare time project. For a long time, I've wait to make my own stop motion video. And finally today I can finished it. Hope you'll like it. :)

ROB(O)RSE provides you a really light story about how to accept actual friend request. We're friended with any kind of people no matter how bad his or her shape/physically. We don't see them in that way. I try to convey a very light message to anyone about accepting friends.

ROB(O)RSE consist of ROBO and ORSE. ROBO is a robot from America but made in China. While ORSE is a horse from Plain World (PW). ROBO want to visit Plain World because he really like to travel across the world to get more friends. ROBO and ORSE have a little problem there. But finally they're friended.

I also try to convey some jokes in ROB(O)RSE. I talked about phone technology and social media virus. You can see there. Hope my joke do some fun to you all! haha :D

Enjoy the movie. :)

credit to music :
Silly Fun - taken from

thanks to @wandirana for properties.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Workshop : Tugitu Feat Ojanto

Workshop : 
Menyulam dan Membuat Gelang

Tempat : 
Mabes Tugitu
(Jln. Gotong Royong RT 04 RW 04, Jagalan, Surakarta)

Minggu, 24 Maret 2013
09.00 - 12.00

contact : 
REGINA 0857 2598 1936
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