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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Screen Print Again

hello, meet me again
and I do some screen printing again with Putri
this is some pictures when we make our products for crafty days
in Bandung.

its almost everyday in a week! but fun!

 this is for pouch

 for totebag and pattern fabric


 hanger hanger

pattern.. pattern.. 

you can see the result on

Hand a Book Merchandise

Hand a Book via Lolitya wants me to make their merchandise
so we decide to make totebag with this design
its only 12 pcs
hope they like it!

 the screen


pack it!


hanger dance in many kind of ways

they are really inspire me to make pattern
thank you so much!

Postcard from Joel

Joel is one of Australian friend..
before he comeback to Aus,
 I told him that "send me postcard when you home, okey?"
haha.. :))
and he sent me one! here it is!
thank you Mas Joel! :D


the picture is blur

Printed Fabric for Lila Imelda Sari

Deeply I wanna say thank you so much for Lila Imelda Sari 
because of her, I can increase my skills on screenprinting
thank you!
you can also see her page here. 
this fabric would be pillow case for her baby! haha

 birds pattern on tosca

yes, hope you like it!

Heavy Birthday Swandi

30th April was Swandi's birthday.He's my housemate. I just try to make best gift for him. Putri and I have an idea to make him a camera bag (sling bag). I put a patch printed WNDRN (it means Wandirana). It happen just because he's a photographer. A good one! haha :D

 the bag


 he's on blue!
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