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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Plywood Coaster (laser on plywood)

the detail on Ojanto's Logo

Hello, everyone! Today I'm gonna share about plywood coaster with engraving on it. I use laser service to engrave. I told the operator to make the engraving deeper, and these are the result. But unfortunately, my order brought me down financially :| hahaha.. It's ok as long as this good things happen. enjoy! :D have a great weekend, see you!

 detail 1

 detail 2

 detail 3

8x8 cm plywood coasters

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Craft Carnival 2012 (the documentation)

This is a short and simple documentation about the annual craft party in Yogyakarta - Craft Carnival 2012. Enjoy the video, and I hope it helpful for us :) See you next year :)

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Craft Carnival 2 Poster (Making Process)

Hello, everyone! Today I'm gonna share how the poster of Craft Carnival 2 was made. Actually, I'm not alone here. Together with Pipit "Ledidak" Nurify, we decided to make stitching on plywood with clays around it. And we came up with the idea capturing hand and scissor as symbols of 'handmade' things. We didn't put a really serious issue here, we're only made it and present it to you all. Hope you like it :)

So here we go, we'll see how this poster made :)

 firstly, we set this illustration of a hand
and simple ornament above it.
We use 3mm plywood as the media.

 I started to make holes following the lines
using nails and hammer. 

 I prepared yarn and needle

 and I started stitching on this plywood

 I try to explore the yarns by twisting the yarn

 I also made this ornaments

 still long way to stitch!

can you see scissors there?
it made from clay by Pipit.
I just try to attach it with my final stitching.

and this is the final poster :)
the annual craft party in Yogyakarta
13-14 October 2012
Bentara Budaya Yogyakarta
I hope you can come!
see you there, friends
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