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Friday, November 19, 2010

Wooden Wall Clock :)

Here I come again! I feel so good when I can write in this blog. :) just because I can share something to you all. This time, I’ll talk about a big question in our life. “WHAT TIME IS IT?” who can answer that question? Yes! It’s a clock, maybe a watch.
Days ago me and Putri finished this project. Not really a serious project actually. But it’s nice to do. Just take a look to the result! Hehe.. how?
Have a great Friday, all!!
See you

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Play Your Magic Hands! - a DIY Project Workshop

Hi everyone!
good to see you again.. its nice to write again here and bring you something new to share :) so here we go!

a good news came to us ( Nest of Ojanto ) from Mr. Tuki. He asked us to held a DIY project workshop or we can say it with craft workshop at FoodFezt - a well known restaurant in Yogyakarta. But I prefer to call this project as a moment to play together. :) *much more fun to heard.

and, yes! we can publish it! yey! really happy for this! :D

I write a quote from Faythe Levine - "Craft empowering people to make things by hand" I really love this quote. and I think you all know what is that means :) so let's get craft! besides increasing skills, you'll get another great feeling to do craft. :)

see you at FoodFezt, every Tuesday, start from 3pm!

just come and play with us! :)
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