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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Quote Wall Deco

 Hello, everyone!
I just simply made wall deco for my room.
I love this quote and 
just make it hard to read :))
I printed it out and framed it on 
20 x 20 damar wood frame.
thank you for stopping by :)
see you

the original design I made

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Happy in Simple Way

just saying about getting happy in simple way 

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Plywood Wedding Invitation

 Hello, everyone!
a friend ask me to make his wedding invitation.
an idea comes up, 
we're going to make wedding invitation made of 3mm plywood, 
and print the design on it by simple hand screen print.
Then envelope made of fabric would wrap it well.
Wish the best for your wedding, Pierna & Noviasari
And these are the documentation of their wedding invitation. Enjoy :)

 the whole invitation
approx. size 180 x 130 mm

 front side, provide all the information 
about the wedding

 just a graphic on the back side

 hand screen print detail


Saturday, December 1, 2012

Official Merchandise : Jogja - NETPAC Asian Film Festival #7

Hello, everyone!
Today is opening day of 
Jogja - NETPAC Asian Film Festival #7 (JAFF)
I'm no longer involved there, 
but they want me to make this notebooks for 
official merchandises.
We made A5 hardcover notebooks
and A6 softcover notebooks.
I'm just producing not designing, 
because they already have special artwork.
Enjoy the festival!
see you!

more information about this film festival,

Friday, November 30, 2012

Unfinished Wooden Box


 Hello, everyone!
I have contacted pretty good carpenter for small works like this in Bantul, Yogyakarta. I've designed the box and give it to him. My idea, this box would be storage for saving anything fit in it. Why unfinished, because I'm strictly order to the carpenter that I don't want any of finishing oil on it. Just make the surface smooth. 2 weeks after, my box is ready!

I have plan to make some engravings on it. I just came up with the idea of my fav quote : "Love is unseen tranquilizer". At the back, I just put my watermark. I think, I can put my blog's QR code on it. But unfortunately, the color of the wood doesn't support my QR code to be read. Maybe better luck next time. haha..

This is still my experiment,
I'll bring you better box with fully functioned QR code for my watermark soon. 
Enjoy! Have a great day! :)

Goodie Bag for Kids

Hello, everyone!
This goodie bag made for Cilla's 1st birthday. 
This is kind of mini backpack for kids. 
Made from canvas and approx. size 250 x 300 mm. 
Happy birthday, Cilla!
Have a good day! :)


back side

 close up to the canvas and screen printing

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Plywood Coaster (laser on plywood)

the detail on Ojanto's Logo

Hello, everyone! Today I'm gonna share about plywood coaster with engraving on it. I use laser service to engrave. I told the operator to make the engraving deeper, and these are the result. But unfortunately, my order brought me down financially :| hahaha.. It's ok as long as this good things happen. enjoy! :D have a great weekend, see you!

 detail 1

 detail 2

 detail 3

8x8 cm plywood coasters

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Craft Carnival 2012 (the documentation)

This is a short and simple documentation about the annual craft party in Yogyakarta - Craft Carnival 2012. Enjoy the video, and I hope it helpful for us :) See you next year :)

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Craft Carnival 2 Poster (Making Process)

Hello, everyone! Today I'm gonna share how the poster of Craft Carnival 2 was made. Actually, I'm not alone here. Together with Pipit "Ledidak" Nurify, we decided to make stitching on plywood with clays around it. And we came up with the idea capturing hand and scissor as symbols of 'handmade' things. We didn't put a really serious issue here, we're only made it and present it to you all. Hope you like it :)

So here we go, we'll see how this poster made :)

 firstly, we set this illustration of a hand
and simple ornament above it.
We use 3mm plywood as the media.

 I started to make holes following the lines
using nails and hammer. 

 I prepared yarn and needle

 and I started stitching on this plywood

 I try to explore the yarns by twisting the yarn

 I also made this ornaments

 still long way to stitch!

can you see scissors there?
it made from clay by Pipit.
I just try to attach it with my final stitching.

and this is the final poster :)
the annual craft party in Yogyakarta
13-14 October 2012
Bentara Budaya Yogyakarta
I hope you can come!
see you there, friends

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Make Photo Props at HONFablab

Hello, everyone! :)
Today, I wanna share about my recent activity, make photo props (property). I made it in HONFablab. I made this photo props from 3mm plywood. And then cut it using intelligent big machine, SHOPBOT. About the shape, I just download the vector from internet. It's so easy and fun, you can make your own photo props at HONFablab, so what are you waiting for, just come :)

 Ira, Gentur, and Aga (HONFablab team)
*make photo like this when you come there* 

 Cutting process 

 Cutting process 

 can you see four faces?

 just put any stick on it, 
and you're ready to be captured!


 And this one, I try to play with spray color and sticker.
So we can also have a dialog box as a photoprops.

 go make any sticker you want.
*you can make it in HONFablab too*

 put it on your chat box plate.
Spray color on it, 
and put off your sticker.

 taraaa.. now, we have chat box as photo props!
let's play! :D

How To Make DIY Coaster from Ice Sticks

Hello, Everyone!
how beautiful this life if we can share to others, right? Today, I wanna share about little things, how to make DIY Coaster from Ice Sticks. This coaster look like wooden palette. It's so simple, so easy, you make it by your self. Let's start! :D

 DIY Coaster from Ice Sticks


 prepare your ice sticks, 
we need to cut round parts of stick.
Measure it till 10cm, make it all same.

 Ice stick made of soft wood
so we can cut it by scissors only.

 Make a rectangle like this.
 glue it using white glue (wooden glue)

arrange the sticks like this
no need to precisely measured actually
you can make your own style.

 this is mine.
glue first, and put the sticks.

 almost done. 

taraaa..! :D
we're done..
now we have DIY coaster to beautify this life

see ya
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