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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

hello again!

It's been very long time I didn't share anything here. Now I will.
I'd like to update some of my works in Maken.
Well, it's mostly Maken's products.
So, here we go!

1. Cushions Collections

it's not really an advertising,
but I just want to share what I already made. 
This cushions made out of woven fabrics.
Thanks to Pak Untung at Beringharjo Market for providing me
this material consistently. :)
for more detail you can look at Maken's website.
2. Coaster

woohooo! finally, we made this screen print on plywood coaster again.
This is the second series of Maken's plywood coasters.
We use 4mm plywood (a bit thinner than before).
The making of the packaging is so exciting. 
All the thing made by hand except the stickers of course. :p
3. Maken Kit

This one is the most exciting for me. 
yes, we made again MAKEN KIT.
This is the second series, and we offer stitch on plywood. 
but wait, it's different from first series, 
because on this plate, we provide you hundreds of holes, 
so you can stitch with your own creativity.
Well, there is a sentence that always echoing in my head when I made this. 
"Embrace the possibilities"
 I just don't know why! :))
but yes, you have very wide range of possibilites out of it!
Thanks for appreciating who already buy it! :)


Thanks for stopping by, friends!
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