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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Ojanto's Screen Printing History Book

Sunday, a free day for everyone. I just finished a short project with Putri. We made Ojanto's Screen Printing History Book. It contains 100 pages of linen paper and stitch binded. We make this to save all of our process stories about screen printing in Ojanto. I hope it can inspire everyone who read. You can also read it when we open offline shop, or in bazzar or everything. Here the pictures. see ya! 
"We wrote history everyday"

Ojanto's Screen Printing History Book

linen paper 

stitch binding 


 the result

let's write history in fun way

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Kartu Pos Ojan 1-9 (-:

As I told in previous post, I wanna make postcards. Today I printed them all. I use Coronado textured paper 270gr. It is my postcard series. It would be 9 pieces every term. I will always try to put story in every postcard I make. I hope it would be an exclusive postcard. I want people who receive my postcard feels luck to get it. 


Merapi Mount after the eruption.

Don't forget to learn/study. 

Tugu Lawet in Kebumen, Central Java. 

Yogyakarta's Lights from Jembatan Kewek, Abu Bakar Ali. 

 Golden hour in Nol Kilometer, Yogyakarta.

Vacation after disaster. 

One fisherman in Menganti Beach, Kebumen, Central Java. 

One beautiful morning in Kaliurang, Yogyakarta. 

 The wild life.


My Kartu Pos Logo.
using Javanese Traditional Letter (Hanacaraka). 

2011 in Hanacaraka.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Kartu Pos Ojan

Today I think about postcrossing. I just can't describe how happy when postcard came and when postcard arrived to the destination. So I decide to make my own postcards. My postcard called KARTU POS. It's so standart actually, but I just put little different on logo, I use Javanesse Traditional Letter. I hope someone who receive this postcard would be happy, and take care of it. I make one postcard for one person, I hope it will be exclusive postcards. :) 

this is the back side of postcard.
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