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Friday, October 15, 2010

Making Collage!

Hi, everybody!
it's fun when you've done making something you like. Today I'm gonna tell you about what I've done. Making Collage! it's fun! you should try this project! some tool you may have are cutter pen, cutter, scissors, ruler, and foam double tape.

cut following the existing image. then assemble the pieces. after that, stick foam tape into, glue the pieces onto the paper base. start sticking from the bottom layer.

After the finish put the pieces, you can frame with a wooden frame. now, you have a new wall decoration! : D I provide this image patterns that can be downloaded here. You can also view this tutorial and other tutorials in

I would be very pleased if you could come to make!
Do not forget to give me the news!
happy weekend!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Ojanto's Pattern Pouch

hello friends!
making pattern and implemet it in to fabrics is one of my dreams.
and here they are, first product from OJANTO, Pattern Pouch!
really happy for this!
we're availible at Pasar Seni ITB 10/10/10 on Sunday (Tobucil N Klabs' Stand)!
be there, and enjoy your weekend!
you can also see more pictures in

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