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Friday, August 19, 2011

Screencast Postcard Box

Hello Dello..!! long time no see! haha.. :)) I've been lil busy with my academic activity. I have new story to tell.. This is August, many things gave birth on this month. Indonesia, and then the scout, and also my partner, Putri Anugrah Sekar Ati. :D

Do you still remember about SCREENCAST? my project with Putri.. Its kind of daily photo blog, and we're still on the run! we hits around 460 posts now!

And the story is just connected between Putri's Birthday and this project. Yes, I had idea to make this thing, a Screencast Postcard Box as a birthday gift for my Screencast partner. 

This Postcard Box made from "Sono Keling" wood, we call it kayu hitam (black wood) because of its color. The whole concept from this box is as miniature of the simplest camera. It just because our Screencast project isn't far away from camera. Not a professional one. 

Honestly, I just have the idea, but other execute this. The size is fit to save a conventional postcards. You can open this camera by pulling the lens. 

This year, Putri hits 28! and inside the box, I gave 28 special Screencast postcards. I hope she loves it! Happy birthday, partner! :) best wishes for ya!
see ya! enjoy the pictures!

 open the camera

 behind the cup


 inside the postcard box

that's first postcard!

Screencast Postcard Box and its Postcards
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