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Friday, December 17, 2010

Collage - Cut n Glue

I'm just finished this collage. I'm happy on the process of making collage. It's so addictive and fun! I do it last night, and wanna post it in this great Friday!

Not really a serious project actually, but I'm just fall in love with the process of making. So, let me tell you about collage I made. hihi. :p this collage entitled "Commodity of Young Girl's Body". Just telling you all about an activity of seeing young girl's body in a bad way. We called it here "Bajuli" maybe if you know about Javanese Language, you'll understand! haha.. I think it is so personal to tell you all about this story!

Have a great Friday you all! :)
see ya!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Please Welcome Ojanto’s Tote Bags :-)

Woww!! It’s a kind of undescribe feeling when seeing the tote bags born. Finally, this project can be finished to produce, and now it’s time to come around you all. Have a visit to or our Facebook page (Nest of Ojanto).

We have 3 kinds of Tote Bags. First, we have hand-stitching tote bags with new designs and ideas. We have 2 designs, I put the idea of culture in Jogjakarta. Sometimes, I don’t really like to see or hear Java’s people that speech English too much. We call it “sok keminggris” thats why I make a scene where’s a couple of birds having a conversation. The bird boy is giving good greeting in English “HI, HONEY!”. And the bird girl give a response like this “RASAH KEMINGGRIS DEH, MAS..” that means don’t too much english, boy! Haha.. it’s a kind of funny conversation if you understand the culture here. :-)

The second design of hand-stitching tote bag is sandal and shoe. The idea comes when I think about the stuff that protecting us from ground. That stuff are only sandal and shoe. Thats why I just put my sandal and shoe to be design of this hand-stitching tote bag.

Another kinds of our tote bag are involving screen-printing process. Single image was printed in fabrics, and we cut according to the line of image. Then, we cut it and sew it above the tote bag. Another tote bag using screen-printing process is pattern tote bag. As always, I make some simple pattern to be printed in fabric! I’m so happy because little of my dream comes true.

Here are picture of the products, you can also see in our facebook page (Nest of Ojanto). Enjoy the picture, friends! See you on the next project! :-)

Sunday, December 5, 2010

(Limited) Ojanto’s Hand Stitching Totebags!

Hi, everyone! Good to see you again in weekend! This time I wanna share my newest project I’ve done. I feel so excited to publish it everywhere. Hehe..Okey, now let me tell you the story behind the project. :-)

The concept is simple. I want to make something simple to be something out of nothing, special, and personal in simplest way. The idea of making tote bag comes so fast, so I just execute it!! I choose simplest materials I ever met, we call it “Kain Blaco”.

I’m not gonna show you plain tote bag with simplest material. I use hand stitching across the lines. The graphic I made will tell you any kind of stories, discourses, etc. So, it’s not only about totebag with hand stitching, but we provide stories behind it.

Hand stitching is simple, but I need some help from Putri to finish all. Thank you so much, Putri :-) God will give you something equal to your kindness. Hehe..

For the first term, I will publish 2 designs. First, please welcome “JOG CREATIVE CITY”. It tells us about the city I lived in for last 5 years – Yogyakarta. I just thought that this city is a creative city, because this city has its own creative way to develop city in many aspects. We can also see that this city has a good progress on creative industries. And the most important point is the people open minded to respect difference, so that they don’t need to worry about something new.

The second design entitled PESAN PISU. Pesan means message, Pisu ( I took it from sub-language of Java called Bahasa Walikan) means mother. So, it will tells us about a message offered by most of mother in Java to their son. Content of the message is “Ojo lali sinau yo, Le..” means “Don’t forget to study, Son..”.

This is the way I expressed something to say. I use tote bags and simple hand stitching to send my messages to people. Enjoy the pictures! For more pictures have a visit to our facebook page, or .
See you on the next project! Happy weekend, people! :-)

Friday, November 19, 2010

Wooden Wall Clock :)

Here I come again! I feel so good when I can write in this blog. :) just because I can share something to you all. This time, I’ll talk about a big question in our life. “WHAT TIME IS IT?” who can answer that question? Yes! It’s a clock, maybe a watch.
Days ago me and Putri finished this project. Not really a serious project actually. But it’s nice to do. Just take a look to the result! Hehe.. how?
Have a great Friday, all!!
See you

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Play Your Magic Hands! - a DIY Project Workshop

Hi everyone!
good to see you again.. its nice to write again here and bring you something new to share :) so here we go!

a good news came to us ( Nest of Ojanto ) from Mr. Tuki. He asked us to held a DIY project workshop or we can say it with craft workshop at FoodFezt - a well known restaurant in Yogyakarta. But I prefer to call this project as a moment to play together. :) *much more fun to heard.

and, yes! we can publish it! yey! really happy for this! :D

I write a quote from Faythe Levine - "Craft empowering people to make things by hand" I really love this quote. and I think you all know what is that means :) so let's get craft! besides increasing skills, you'll get another great feeling to do craft. :)

see you at FoodFezt, every Tuesday, start from 3pm!

just come and play with us! :)

Friday, October 15, 2010

Making Collage!

Hi, everybody!
it's fun when you've done making something you like. Today I'm gonna tell you about what I've done. Making Collage! it's fun! you should try this project! some tool you may have are cutter pen, cutter, scissors, ruler, and foam double tape.

cut following the existing image. then assemble the pieces. after that, stick foam tape into, glue the pieces onto the paper base. start sticking from the bottom layer.

After the finish put the pieces, you can frame with a wooden frame. now, you have a new wall decoration! : D I provide this image patterns that can be downloaded here. You can also view this tutorial and other tutorials in

I would be very pleased if you could come to make!
Do not forget to give me the news!
happy weekend!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Ojanto's Pattern Pouch

hello friends!
making pattern and implemet it in to fabrics is one of my dreams.
and here they are, first product from OJANTO, Pattern Pouch!
really happy for this!
we're availible at Pasar Seni ITB 10/10/10 on Sunday (Tobucil N Klabs' Stand)!
be there, and enjoy your weekend!
you can also see more pictures in

Friday, September 24, 2010

Learn to Fly

Wohooohooo..!!! here I am!
Now, I come again, bring you something to see, to feel, to buy (I hope). Hahaha.. This time, I wanna tell ya about the newest project of mine. I have a new blog again. I’m not alone here, with my great partners, Putri and Aris, we’re going to make all of ideas come to this world so you can see ‘em.

About the content inside
This blog is representative of our nest, our home. The place where we can think and act about things we love. With lovely atmosphere, we’re gonna keep learn to fly higher and wider! We’re gonna fly reaching our dreams. For further story, just visit the blog – Nest of Ojanto.
Enjoy, fellas! Have a good day :D

Saturday, August 14, 2010

a Book of Screencast #1

Hello everyone! How are you?
This time I’m gonna tell you about newest project I’ve done. And here we go! We have a Book of Screencast #1 right now. It’s first edition. It contains 50 early posts of Screencast Project. So there will be 100 pictures and its caption inside.

I was organized all the pictures in approximately 50 pages. I’m just make the layout as simple as I can. You can see some of it in this picture below. This book was printed in 210gr ivory papers, doff laminated on the hardcover, and ring binding on the left side.

This book looks like another ordinary book. So that I made something different to give this book special case made from acrylics. There is engraved Screencast Project’s logo. You can see the result. This stuff presented for my partner’s birthday – Putri Anugrah Sekar Ati. Welcome to twenty seven! :D

Friday, July 30, 2010

Joni dan Susi | The End Of Chapter I ( The New Beginning of chapter II)

Here we go!
I’m just trying to publish this special event. Fortunately, this time, I was ordered to make this poster design. It’s special because this is last performance of Ugoran Prasad on Melancholic Bitch and also in Frau. He will go to New York for a year. So, be there at Tembi Rumah Budaya on August 9th, 2010. It will be a great music performances! Don’t miss it!

some links you can visit :

Monday, June 21, 2010

OWL | combination between Painting, Felt, and Stitches

A simple Idea comes. It think I want to draw an owl, then print it to be a greeting card. And I think it will be a simple and nice gift for my friend. But suddenly, I think I can make it much better. unfortunately, that new idea just executed 2 days ago.
the packaging

I just look around my whole room. I have many materials I can use for this project. "click!" I found! I found the way I will execute the OWL!actually I've never learned the art of painting. but I keep trying to paint with oil on canvas. in fact this is fun, I love it when mixing several colors to get the color I want.
this is the result

concept came from postal envelopes which typically has a frame of blue-red stripes. then I want to add the branches of trees, where the Owl was standing there. I stitch using the wool yarn for the edge lines. then I develop it again using a felt cloth. Felt cloth part are Owl and the sky. I want to give the impression as it arises. enjoy!
30 cm x 30 cm canvas

I think its cute enough for a gift, isn't it?

The stitches detail on OWL

The Stitches Detail on branches

felt detail on sky

felt detail on OWL


Hello people!
We’ve got 36 days on SCREENCAST. It means, we have 72 randomize pictures from any moments and any cameras we used. We always try to do best. Anything interesting to our opinion can be a funny photo or maybe a gloomy one.

And now, we have a simple idea to make-over SCREENCAST! The idea : every pictures inspired by issue/theme/corridor we decided. Every issue will go on for 6 days. So we’ll see 12 pictures taken by us according to the issue. It was really simple.

About first issue : ROOM
When you’re in Yogyakarta or Bandung as college student that come from another city/country, I bet you must be rent a room. Yes, the room which protects us from rain and sun. The room where we study and sleep. Or it can be a place where we can play with our creativity.

Every single room has its stories to tell. Maybe it can be very private and so hard to tell, but it can be very open and inspiring. We want to see personal side from it. And for next 6 days, SCREENCAST will serve you with pictures that having correlations with ROOM. We will see how creative SCREENCAST team will open up their personal side to all people all around the world. Enjoy!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

SCREENCAST | a pict a day | Distance Through Images

Hey people! :D
I want to introduce newest project in collaboration with great person over there in Bandung. What is that? Let me show you this picture first.

That picture was taken by Putri Santoso in May 24 , 2010. She captured a photo which is a gift from local youth Bandung for Prambors Bandung. She is in frame actually. What is correlation between Prambors and her? If you are living in Bandung city, I bet you’re gonna find her easily. She still worked in one of well known radio station in Bandung which is Prambors Bandung as announcer. Yes! She is my partner in this project. You can find her here.

And that picture was taken by me in May 31, 2010. We call that Tugu Jogja, an icon of Yogyakarta city.

About this project
I never met Putri before. But we did much unimportant conversation via messenger. We decided to make this project. We call this SCREENCAST project | a pict a day | distance through images.

this is a share-project by us. We're two friends who lives in two different city and haven't met each-other yet, but we share the same interest of things. This project contains pictures, taken each day til the day we finally met.

we didn't do a serious photography project here, we're just simply taking a-picture-a-day everyday. Pictures from two cities will tells about moments, mumbles, craft, trees, sky or any kind of things that just caught by our eyes.

So, this blog will update every day. Glad to see you there. Thanks for visiting our project.

Between Jogja and Bandung, 8 hours away from each-other by train, this is how we share things together through images. enjoy!

Friday, May 28, 2010

The Latest Notebooks I’ve Made

Some of my friends want me to make notebook for their lovely person.
It was simple that they sent me the pictures for the cover, and I made it!
Here is the results!

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