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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Laser Engraved Wall Decor

 Hello, everyone! :)
yes, I'm suddenly asked by my friend
to make this laser engraved wall deco. 
It was engraved on plywood with 5mm thickness, 
and then framed it to damar wood frame.

yes, technology leads us to different kinds of execution. 
I think it's still all right, or could be better. 
For this, I'll use word "precise".

The first one, 
I make 150 x 250 mm wall deco
with some random design spontaneously made. 
It tells about environment indeed.
I put some of realist and surrealist at one page. 
It's quite noisy there, but I and my client do like it :)

the second one, 100 x 150 mm wall deco, 
It's a javanese proverb,
means every single thing we've got,
it reached by struggle and sacrifices. 
It's a very deep quotation.
I designed it using font that look like ancient traditional java letter.

and, this is it! enjoy! :)
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