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Sunday, February 6, 2011

We’re Back in 2011! Play Your Magic Hands!

Oh, God! So long time I don’t write something in this blog. I just want to share something again, much more in 2011. And I think this is my first post in 2011. Hahaha (-: it’s just allright!

Okey! I ever wrote about Play Your Magic Hands, right? It’s a DIY (do it yourself) Project Workshop. Do you still remember! A GOODNEWS for you : we’re back in 2011! We’re gonna play together every Tuesday at 3 pm in FoodFezt Jogja!

This is the schedule. Contact us :
Putri | 0817 547 8258
Ojan | 0899 511 8531
Facebook : Nest of Ojanto
Twitter : @nestofojanto


Wahy said...

yeay! :D

Sugar Candance said...

i will come. at march :D

blogojan said...

Wahy :
asiiikk!!! mari mari :-)

Sugar Candance :
yihaaa!!! can't wait to see you!
don't forget to introduce your self as Sugar Candance :-)

see ya

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