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Monday, March 21, 2011

H E L V E T O T E B A G (Behind The Scene)

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Yes, it’s just a lil bit story and pictures behind the process of HELVETOTEBAG. My partner (Putri) and I just fall in love with this kind of typeface – HELVETICA. The Idea come after watching movie titled HELVETICA by Gary Hustwit. Making tote bag with Helvetica on it? Why not? And… just do it!! With simple technique of screen-printing, we used sticker for material of stencil. 

 go! go! go!


 get dry the ink



 print on paper

 so, I put my favorite quote

There are 8 messages in 40 pcs of tote bags. Equally, each message only in 5pcs tote bags in this universe. Haha :D We’re also printed the design into papers. So we have stock of posters! Do you want it? I love this one : “Better talk than stalk” So, I just framed this poster and put it in my wall! :D
For the complete album of HELVETOTEBAG, you can access Nest of Ojanto’s blog or facebook page. Thanks for reading my story! :D
Have a nice day!


belinda said...

bagus bagus bagus bagusss
dapet aja deh screen nya maooooo
aku masih manual nih pake foam hihiihhihi

blogojan said...

ayo ayo belajar sablon sederhana aja kaya gini udah seru sekali lho Kak.. :D beli bahan di sana ada semua kan ya?

masa ya mau beli di Jogja? ya gpp sini aja.. hahahah :D

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