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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Plywood Coaster (laser on plywood)

the detail on Ojanto's Logo

Hello, everyone! Today I'm gonna share about plywood coaster with engraving on it. I use laser service to engrave. I told the operator to make the engraving deeper, and these are the result. But unfortunately, my order brought me down financially :| hahaha.. It's ok as long as this good things happen. enjoy! :D have a great weekend, see you!

 detail 1

 detail 2

 detail 3

8x8 cm plywood coasters


Amelia Saga said...

wiih kereen.. gimana bikinnya.. :D

blogojan said...

itu pake service laser gt mbak.. bisa cut dan engrave gt.. lumayan.. hihi..
terima kasih ya sudah mampir :)

MDF Board said...


I will always follow your blog as i have seen you share awesome pic and info on your blog.

Modular Kitchen | MDF with Veneers

blogojan said...

hi, thankyou so much for stopping by :)

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