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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Plywood Wedding Invitation

 Hello, everyone!
a friend ask me to make his wedding invitation.
an idea comes up, 
we're going to make wedding invitation made of 3mm plywood, 
and print the design on it by simple hand screen print.
Then envelope made of fabric would wrap it well.
Wish the best for your wedding, Pierna & Noviasari
And these are the documentation of their wedding invitation. Enjoy :)

 the whole invitation
approx. size 180 x 130 mm

 front side, provide all the information 
about the wedding

 just a graphic on the back side

 hand screen print detail



Mashita Fandia said...

Lucuuuk! Pokoknya undanganku besok kamu yang bikinin ya Jans :3

blogojan said...

maturnuwun mbak Mashita..
ohh siappp!!! tenin lho yaaaa.. hahaha :D
*doain Mashita segera dapet jodoh* :p

diski said...

Baguus.. Eiya, blm kenal ya.. Halo. Seneng deh baca blognya. :D

blogojan said...

hai Mbak Diski..
salam kenal juga..
terima kasih sudah mau berkunjung dan mengapresiasi blog saya.. hehe.. :D
senang rasanya..
anyway, blogmu seru juga!!

kbbostrike said...

hello mr ojan, could you tell me how to print the graphic on the plywood?

blogojan said...

yep! technically, I'm just print it using basic screen-print process. (sablon)

But, you can also do it digitally by using service "print on material".

good luck! :)

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