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Monday, February 25, 2013

Wedding Souvenir : Tomato's Seeds


Hello, everyone!
This is just envelope with tomato's seeds inside.
Hadi & Dinda going to have a wedding
and this envelope will be their wedding souvenir.
The envelope made of 70grams bookpaper and single color-printed.
Wish all the best with your wedding, guys!
Enjoy :)

contact me for more info :


Adeayu Hadijah said...

what a great idea for wedding souvenir~.
this is my first time hear (and know) about this kind of wedding souvenir!

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Journal Kinchan said...

ojan berjanjilah untuk membantuku membuat souvenir di nikahanku nanti! yang cetar! hahaha XD

Andina Auria said...


blogojan said...

terima kasih semuanyaaa..
kinkin : bisaaaa bisaaaakk :D haha

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