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Saturday, June 20, 2009

We do camping at Siung Beach, June 16-17

In fact, in that time, we’re in exam. We face exam for 2 weeks, and that was the first week. First week have been over yet! And we want to took a little vacation. Little, cheap, fun, and nice vacation. Whatever it is. And I started to say. “How if we do camping at the beach?”. Some of my friends said, “YES! I agree but be sure about this plan!”

We decided to go to Siung Beach, it locate in south part of Yogyakarta Province.

Who joining this? Here they are..
Me (Ojan)

We started the journey at 7 from Yogyakarta. We took 3 hour to reach the destination. How far the location. But you’ll not be disappointed with the beautiful of this place. We arrived in the darkness place. But, we can see the sea of stars above in the sky.. oh my god.. how beautiful it was..the stars were dancing with their low light from here.. so cute.. ^^ we’re laying on the sand and enjoy the beautiful of the night. Thanks God..

I took photograph of it, and write a word “KOM” in this frame with handy flash light. “KOM” , it means we are in communication department of Universitas Gajah Mada. We were camping in the shore, made a logfire, and share funny stories. We slept in the hug of the beautiful night.

We woke up at early morning, we met a very very very beatiful beach. Oh god.. thank you so much.. we love you.. we enjoyed all parts of the beach. The sands, the air, water, the coral, beautiful.. very very beautiful..

Enjoy the pictures...

One more time, thanks God..

Have a nice weekend all.. \^.^/


genial said...

awesome pictures :)
salam kenal iia :)

blogojan said...

terima kasih.....

iya salam kenal.. ojan di sini... :)

genial said...

terimakasih kunjungannya :)
hhmm... numpang ngeteh di sini bole kan??!?! hhmmm.. sambil liad2 pantai ama cewe2nya nii :p

farhyamar said...

beautiful beach..hmm bila gw dng teman2 boleh liburan ke yogyakarta..huuu :)

Angga Prawadika said...

Enaknya bersantai di pantai. jadi pengenn main-main ... ><

blogojan said...

@genial : boleh banget teman.. !!! hehehee :D daripada ngeteh dan liatin doang, mending ke sini langsung aja.. hehehehehe !!! ayo ayo.. tak tunggu.. tak tung tak des! :D

@farhyamar : why not? ayo.. segera kunjungi pantai ini.. indah sekali.. !!!! saya bersedia mengantar...!!! :D

@angga : ayo maen maen.. jangan ngedesain terus mas... wkwkwkwk :D tar maen2 trus ajari saya juga.. kwokwokwokwowk :D

to all : terima kasih sudah berkunjung.. :D

have a nice day!

blogojan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
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