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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

DIY Laptop Case with Cross Stitch

Today, I’ve finished a project.
I made laptop case for my own laptop.
I found clothes in my house, and then I want it to be my laptop case.
I measure without ruler. I just believe in my vision. Hahaha :d
In order to be more interesting, I’ve thank to add cross stitch ornament on this case.
I made deer pattern by my self.
After that, I cut all the materials, and then sew it also by my self.
And here is the result.
Enjoy.. ^^


Azam "foXIII" Raharjo said...

nice work

blogojan said...

thankyou azam.. :D

farhyamar said...

♥★ nice ★♥

blogojan said...

farhyamar : thank you so much for your comment... and thank you for following my blog.. :D

sepyusa said...

ya ampun jan...lucu bgt

ataedun said...

keren jan...
luar biasa craftmenship yang kamu punya. saya harus banyak belajar nih..

vitarlenology said...

jan.. tak kusangka kau mengkrostik juga... heheheh... gimana kirimanku dah sampe belum?

blogojan said...

mbak yusa :
hehehe :d thank you so much mbak.. :D
kapan bawa zine sana lagi?? keren abis dah!!

ataedun :
ahaha :D thankyou so much.. (worship)
haduuh.. sarjana design nih dia.. !!! hahaha :D malu aku!!

mbak tarlen :
iya mbaaaakk.. abis dateng needle craft exhibition aku jadi pecandu cross stitch nih.. hahaha :D btw belom sampe mba.. mungkin besok ini sampe.. hari sabtu.. :D

thank you all!!!!

ONiC said...

hello, i discover your blog from prostcrossing forum. i love your creative blog, and i think we should become friends :]

P.S : i also crazy about your toy camreas!

blogojan said...

onic : yes of course, miss onic!!! :D

u like toy camera??

are u in indonesia??

ilhamsyah metharani said...

ya olooo jaaaaannn...bagus bangeeetttt!!!! ilmu kruistikmu jauh melampaui diriku naaakkk xDDD

blogojan said...

ahay ahay mas ilham.. hahahahaha :D
thank you .. masih belajar juga ini mas.. tuh tuh.. gak rapi punyaku.. masih belom rapi..... :D

hehehe :d

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