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Friday, September 18, 2009

Its all about CAPTURING with TOYCAMERA

Experiment framing mixed with film swapping
Yes! It was an experimental framing.
I used old film to make it. I cut just its holes for some centimeters long
And then I put it like in the picture.
You can see it in the picture
And then, I wanna tell you little about one of my friend named Yogie.
He was from Jambi Province. It locate far away from Jogjakarta.
It is in Sumatera Island.
He did photograph with 35mm film too.
And one day I met him, I ask him to make film swapping project. And he agree!
And my project will come true. First film swapping with other. Hahaha..
He just used his 35mm film to capture something in Jambi.
And I use this film with my camera to capture Jogjakarta.
And if I have to make a formula, it will appear like this.
Film Swapping Ojan & Yogie =
(yogie + unknown nikkon analogue camera + 35mm fujifilm 400/36 + in Jambi)
(ojan + wide slim Superheadz camera + same film + in Jogjakarta)
And these are the results. I only do crooping and little brightness editing.
Enjoy!! ^^

Film swapping project with Mas Ilham
Mas Ilham trust me to do film swapping! Ahay! ^^
Mas Ilham was a good man from Bontang, It is a rich region in Indonesia.
It locate in Kalimantan Island.
He agree to do film swapping project with me.
The formula of this project can be understood like this =
(Mas Ilham + Lomo Supersampler Camera + 35mm Fujifilm 400/36 + in Bontang )
(Ojan + Lomo Fisheye no.2 + same film + in Jogjakarta)

Enjoy the results!!
See yah!!^^

I try to use Lomo Supersampler camera
One of my friend from another Island named Wandirana.
He was a professional stage photographer.
He has a 35mm lomo camera. Its Supersampler.
I borrow it from him! I just want to try to use it!
I used 35mm fujifilm 400/24
And here the results!
Enjoy!! ^^

A new camera has come!
Last Saturday on Sept 13, My new camera has come to my house.
I bought it with my own money.
I can’t describe how I feel.
I really satisfy!
The camera : VistaQuest VQ-1005 Nico Digi by Superheadz.
This is mini capture camera. Its so cute!
It was very popular not in Indonesia. Hahaha :D
so I really excited to buy it!
I wanna say thank you so much for Mas Ilham who give me the information about this camera.
And also for Lazy toycam where I buy this camera.
And you can see the results of this camera.


diazbela said...

jan, jan,
kalau km beli kamera itu biasanya beli dmn?

ilhamsyah metharani said...

weh jan, kok kamu dh dapet aja vistaquest-nya. jadi nitip ama temenmu yg ke luar negeri itu ya?

blogojan said...

diaz : kamu bisa add fesbuknya kok yas.. coba cari di fesbuk Lazy Toycam. kalo gak cari di ebay aja.. :D selamat mencari.. :D

mas ilham : engga mas. aku jadinya ke lazy toycam itu.. emang minimalis banget komunikasinya ternyata.. asal percaya aja dah.. ya udah nyampe dah.. :D hehehehe :D*kecil banget mas ternyata. sumpah.. gak sampe hati aku... hihihihi

Ayang Cempaka said...

akuuuuuuuuuu mauuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu kameranyaaaa!!! jan lucu tenan iks!
eh, do i know u??

blogojan said...

hahahaha mbak ayang.. kita kenalan juga lewat dumay ini...

dumay = dunia maya..

suka toycam juga ya???

Anonymous said...

itu km beli vistaquest nya brapaan ya??pengen banget ni
thx u

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