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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Special Edition Notebook for Swandi & Sungging

I live in a rent house. There are 3 human inside.
And I wanna give them this notebook.
Swandi is a photograper, so I put camera pattern on the cover, (black)
And of course his picture inside.
And Sungging, I put his girlfriend’s artwork on the cover,(white)
And his picture inside.
I hope they’re happy with this stuff.


dindie said...

sekarang mulai serius di buku2an nih ;)

blogojan said...

hihihi.. iya nih mbak.. soalnya cukup menyenangkan diriku dengan menyenangkan orang lain juga..


Anonymous said...

I extremely love your blog and will visit it again and again :)
btw, why don't you give the detail step how to make the notebook?I believe many people are waiting for it.

blogojan said...

hey, Turseena :)
well, i just can say nothing..
thank you so much for this..

detail step?
well thats a good idea.
i'll considering it! thank you so much :)

I'll do some walk to your blog then!

see ya around :)

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