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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Ojanto's Pattern Pouch

hello friends!
making pattern and implemet it in to fabrics is one of my dreams.
and here they are, first product from OJANTO, Pattern Pouch!
really happy for this!
we're availible at Pasar Seni ITB 10/10/10 on Sunday (Tobucil N Klabs' Stand)!
be there, and enjoy your weekend!
you can also see more pictures in


ajengggg said...

suka pattern yang kedua deh jan. coba bikin grocery bag deh. pasti lucu.

blogojan said...

halooo mbak Ajeng :)
iyaa.. ini sedang dalam proses membuatnya mbak... semoga cepat jadi..yey! :D

terima kasihhhh... :D

ajengggg said...

semoga cepat jadi mas Ojan :) nanti pesan satu yaa, diambil kalo pulang ke indo. hehe

blogojan said...

SIPP deehh!!!


can't hardly wait for it!

mutia said...

waw, interesting blog :)
I'd like to buy this one
gmn ya ?

blogojan said...

hallo Mutia! :)
terima kasih sudah berkunjung dan merespon..

langsung saja kontak 0817 547 8258

bilang aja mau yang mana..

atau kirim email ke

terima kasihh

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