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Monday, April 11, 2011

Making Paper-Pulp

What do you think about AO? 
I made this from newspapers! 
I think I just want to share the pictures.. :) enjoy!

 cut the newspaper into pieces!

a in helvetica

 dry condition

look at the detail

 my new ashtray

 look at the texture


arumdyah said...

ojannnn:) aku menghidupkan blogku setelah ikut play your magic hand mu dan mb putri.thanks yaa:) liat karya ini ingat kerjaan pas sd..dengan bentuk lebih kreatif tentunya:)sukses ya jan

blogojan said...

Halooo Arum.. :)
asik asik! senengnya jadi bisa menghidupkan blogmu lagi.. :p

terima kasih

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