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Monday, July 8, 2013


Hello, everyone! :D
Stitching is always fun. Thats why we provide stitching kit.
 But we use different material here. 
We use 3mm plywood to be stitched! 
We always love to see people involved on making things 
and bring creativity to be contagious for anyone. 
So, here we go! Maken Kit - Stitching on plywood.
 Maken Kit - Stitching on Plywood

 design 1 : The Birds

 design 2 : The Giraffe & The Fox

 The Dolphins
 result of design 1

 result of design 2

result of design 3

To see more clearly about this kit, watch the video below.

1 pack of kit consist 1 stitching plate,
stitching threads (in 6 colors), needle,
modular dock, magnets, tutorial + bonus (CD HowToMaken)
price 40K (exclude shipping cost)

stocks :
Birds : (SOLD OUT)
Girrafe & Fox : 4 pcs
Dolphins : 2 pcs

for order, please email us at makenliving(at)gmail(dot)com
or whatsapp/sms/call 0899 511 8531
To get in touch with Maken, simply connect to our channels below.
email : makenliving(at)gmail(dot)com
youtube : Maken Living (click there)
twitter : @makenliving (click there)
instagram : @makenliving (click there)

thank you so much :)


Citra said...

Wahhh..ini nih..harus dicoba
kalau mau pesen gimana caranya mas Ojan?

blogojan said...

hallo mbak.. maaf sekali ini.. saya baru sempet buka blog ini.. dan sekali lagi maaf karena produk ini udah habis.. huhu.. mungkin next pasti aku sisain ya buatmu :)

maturnuwun kunjungannya :)

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