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Monday, July 8, 2013


Hello, everyone! :D
This is a set of coasters that made of plywood. 
Coasters could be used for beautifying your coffee/tea time 
with friends or family. 
We are simply combine handmade 
and digital technique in this product. 
So, here we go!

 the puzzle coasters

 the circle coasters
the whole variants 2 designs with 3 shapes each
(circle, rectangle, and puzzle)

 design 1 : pink - brown animal & floral

design 2 : red - blue tribal pattern

for more pictures of this products, 
1 pack consist of 4 pieces coasters + bonus (CD HowToMaken)
price 35K (exclude shipping cost)
for order, please email us at makenliving(at)gmail(dot)com
or whatsapp/sms/call 0899 511 8531

To get in touch with Maken, simply connect to our channels below.
email : makenliving(at)gmail(dot)com
youtube : Maken Living (click there)
twitter : @makenliving (click there)
instagram : @makenliving (click there)

thank you so much :)

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