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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Defia’s Brother

My friend, named Defia, ask me.. how can she made a gift for her brother in a night?


I started to think..

And.. taraaaaaaaaaaaa... :D

I told her that I’ll help her to make digital bday card.

She will use it for surprising her brother.

This bday card will be use as background desktop in her brother's computer.

So, when her brother turn on the computer, he will see how care her sister..

Hehehe :D

I made it as long as I can.

Its midnight now..

I’m so sleepy.

But people in the world stay waiting for the great match between MU vs Barca.


I’m not really interest with this, but I’ll update the information in the morning by watching news.

So I can get the informations and seeing how the goal can be !

In a few minutes...

Hahahaha :D

Have a good dream for all..

Here they are.. my digital bday cards for Defia’s Brother.. joy!

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