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Monday, May 11, 2009

my patterns (again)

I've made 5 more patterns (again). i don't know how my finger drift the pen into my skecth book. and then I start to make this patterns.

I think its simple, and its nice. (in my opinion, how about you?)
I dream that oneday, I'll print my patterns to be a cool material for creative stuff..
I hope.. ^^

its midnight..
and I'm so sleepy..
goodnight everyone...
facing tomorrow with smile... ^.^
see yah!!


ajengg said...

lucuu design-nya. paling suka yg kelima. :D

blogojan said...

hehehehe :)

makasiiihh :)

saya juga paling suka yang kelima tuh.. pas ndesain paling bontot tuh yang bagus.. hehehehehe :))

thx so much, sista..!!! :)

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