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Thursday, July 2, 2009

end of June

Oh nooo.. I’ve got headache..

It makes me suffer..

watching presidents final debate. The Indonesian presidents election will be on July 8th.

Actually I don’t really care about it. But, little parts of my heart said that I have to watch this debate to make sure about my choice. I have a dream that Indonesia will be better in the future.

Ok, I’ll try to tell u something.. I wanna tell u about what I’ve done.

FMF Tshirt

Fisipol Music Forum. This is my design. I make it not in good mood. U can apreciate it.

Komunikasi Tshirt

Finally the production time is over, and now I can see the result. I think its nice.

Gift for Tisa

Matches box. Yes, I used it. I wraped the box with my jeans. Hahaha :D and then I put something onto it. It shapes like grass. Hahaha :D imagine it ur self. Inside the box, I made mini scrapbook. Folding paper and then glue some photos there. You can see the result. Enjoy.

Mosaiq for unknown client

I have a friend called karla who I have made her a mosaiq photos for her gift birthday. And then karla’s friend want me to make mozaiq for her too. I don’t know her name. I didn’t meet her yet. But I’ve got 95 rupiahs for the fee. Its about 9$. What do u think?

Booklet for FKG UGM 2009

Vita wants me to make a booklet for FKG UGM (dentistry faculty of Universitas Gajah Mada). Actually I don’t know what I have to do. I never did it before. It is the first time for me. a year before, this booklet looked like trash. I really don’t like it.

Thats all...

Actually I want to post it when I’ve done the project. But I don’t have any passion to write it. hahah :D

Just kidding.. !

Have a nice day all.. !


Angga Prawadika said...

Wah, daj jadi kaos GC nya ! ^^

Jan, jangan lupa bilangin anak-anak ukuranku yang guedhe ya, takut gak cukup, hehehe ...


blogojan said...

iya.. udah ada.. gede banget.. kaya baliho punyamu.. kwokwowk :D

bercanda.. sip lah.. tunggu aja.. !!
nanti juga dibagi...


Azam "foXIII" Raharjo said...

wah aku ya jadi pengen beli kaosnya je. yang kaos jenis kedua itu lucu.
tapi aku bukan cah komunikasi :B

matchboxnya juga asik tuh.

well done :)

blogojan said...

thank you so much..

bikin sendiri aja zam..

do it yourself..

hehehe :D

terima kasih juga ya udah follow me.. :D

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