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Monday, October 5, 2009

Finally the Tobucil’s Notebook comes to me. YAY! ^^

I’ve been waiting for this notebook for long long time..
(maybe for 2 weeks)
But, today I got it. and I feel so happy!!!!
Who made this?
She is Tarlen Handayani.
She was a crafter from Bandung, West Java.
Wanna know more about her?
You can visit her at or
And I’d like to say so much thanks for her.
Actually I have a plan to write down about my stories, (make a diary)
But I don’t think that daily diary blog is good for me.
So I decide to write down on paper. And the notebook just come to me today.
Thats why I really happy! :D
Here the pictures of this notebook. :D


farhyamar said...

love it

blogojan said...


Astrid Prasetianti said...

wah baguss, jadi pengen, kalo mau beli dimana ya ini? hehe

vitarlenology said...

jan, aku mau ke jogja hari senin ini.. mau nitip sesuatu ga? email aku aja ya..

blogojan said...

astrid : itu bisa beli di Tobucil bandung.. tuh yang punya toko komentar di bawahmu. hehehehe :D

mbak tarlen : oke.. nanti aku kirim email :D

ataedun said...

hebat bro...

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