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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Fabric Covered Notebook with New Binding

Days ago, I meet this blog.
She wrote that she’s just made her own notebook with simple binding.
And I requested tutorial to make the notebook. Specially I want to know how to binding a notebook.
And here is the link of tutorial. It useful I think.
And here is the results. :D
Enjoy! ^^
Have a a nice week!


dindie said...

ini ya buku yang kamu bilang, jan? hehhehe

blogojan said...

iya mbak... hehehe.. makasih ya tutornya.. :D

Astrid Prasetianti said...

waduh baguss hasilnya :D

blogojan said...

wah.. terima kasih sekali astrid.. :D

adri said...

thanks, sekarang g tau cara buatnya :D, yippeee!

blogojan said...

yepp! sama sama.. :D

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