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Friday, April 23, 2010

Fallentine #3 : Hasta Manana

I’m just asked by my friend to join producing this event. Why not?!
Subjective information of this event :
Organized by : Forum Music Fisipol UGM (FMF)
Name : Fallentine #3 – Hasta Manana
Time : Friday, April 2 2010 – 20.00 till death
Venue : Amphitheater Taman Budaya Yogyakarta
Performer :
- The Trees and The Wild
- Melancholic Bitch
- Armada Racun
- Individual Life
- Black Stocking
The ticket was sold out! 300 tickets!
Instantly it just made me so happy! :D yay!
I’m not really taking important role inside. I’m just a layouter.
I made the poster with Swandi Ranadila as photographer and Ariena Khrisandi as model.
Thanks to you both.
Logo I made for this event also used to be tshirt of this event.
Enjoy! :D

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