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Friday, April 23, 2010

Dwi Kurniawan’s Notebook

He is my friend. (hard to say this, because he still owe me till now) haha :p
He asked me to make notebook too.
He ordered 4 notebooks with same design and different destination.
I don’t really care about his destination.
What I know that he wants to give some girls he loved.
I can’t photograph the result, but fortunately he was a photographer, so I just asked him to send me the picture of the result.
Here they are! Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

thanks a lot for fauzan adinugraha.. :P
semoga hadiahnya sampai ke yang bersangkutan, amin.
kudune aku nulis puisi, tetapi karena waktu yg mepet buat dikirim cepet ya nggak apa2 deh. padahal pengen 4 desain yg beda...

blogojan said...

thanks ya wi..

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