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Monday, June 21, 2010

OWL | combination between Painting, Felt, and Stitches

A simple Idea comes. It think I want to draw an owl, then print it to be a greeting card. And I think it will be a simple and nice gift for my friend. But suddenly, I think I can make it much better. unfortunately, that new idea just executed 2 days ago.
the packaging

I just look around my whole room. I have many materials I can use for this project. "click!" I found! I found the way I will execute the OWL!actually I've never learned the art of painting. but I keep trying to paint with oil on canvas. in fact this is fun, I love it when mixing several colors to get the color I want.
this is the result

concept came from postal envelopes which typically has a frame of blue-red stripes. then I want to add the branches of trees, where the Owl was standing there. I stitch using the wool yarn for the edge lines. then I develop it again using a felt cloth. Felt cloth part are Owl and the sky. I want to give the impression as it arises. enjoy!
30 cm x 30 cm canvas

I think its cute enough for a gift, isn't it?

The stitches detail on OWL

The Stitches Detail on branches

felt detail on sky

felt detail on OWL


Ariena said...

ngomen disini jg ah! :D
makasih banyak jantooo~
*ngucapin lagi*

maharsi wahyu | kinkin said...

i heart it!
owl... it reminds me. i ever had a white owl, called "makki"
but it has died several months ago T.T


martha puri natasande said...

i want it. i want it..hehehe...

blogojan said...

arien : apaan dah.

mbak Puri : ahahaha.. dasar miss burung hantu.. hihi.. :p

makasih yea

Ian D. Sitompul said...

burung hantu,
apakah itu berarti burungnya hantu?
wow,hantunya laki-laki,punya burung..

blogojan said...

ian :
duh bang Tompul ini suka kali dah bcandaaa.. hahahaha :p

well thanks ya udah mampir.. :)

uma hapsari said...

bingung deh, Ozan bisa kreatifnya minta ampun....

blogojan said...

wahhh mbak Umaaa!!! :D

jangan bingung2..

everybody is creative! :D

hahahah :D

Anonymous said...

ih hasil craft nya bagus-bagus deh,sukaa semua hehee..
ijin tukeran link yaa :)

blogojan said...

terima kasih sekali putri! hehehe...

okey then!


aphrodita wibowo said...

owl always look great...


blogojan said...

Aphrodita wibowo :
thanks yaaaaaaaaaaa :D hehehehe... :p

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