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Monday, June 21, 2010


Hello people!
We’ve got 36 days on SCREENCAST. It means, we have 72 randomize pictures from any moments and any cameras we used. We always try to do best. Anything interesting to our opinion can be a funny photo or maybe a gloomy one.

And now, we have a simple idea to make-over SCREENCAST! The idea : every pictures inspired by issue/theme/corridor we decided. Every issue will go on for 6 days. So we’ll see 12 pictures taken by us according to the issue. It was really simple.

About first issue : ROOM
When you’re in Yogyakarta or Bandung as college student that come from another city/country, I bet you must be rent a room. Yes, the room which protects us from rain and sun. The room where we study and sleep. Or it can be a place where we can play with our creativity.

Every single room has its stories to tell. Maybe it can be very private and so hard to tell, but it can be very open and inspiring. We want to see personal side from it. And for next 6 days, SCREENCAST will serve you with pictures that having correlations with ROOM. We will see how creative SCREENCAST team will open up their personal side to all people all around the world. Enjoy!

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