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Saturday, June 12, 2010

SCREENCAST | a pict a day | Distance Through Images

Hey people! :D
I want to introduce newest project in collaboration with great person over there in Bandung. What is that? Let me show you this picture first.

That picture was taken by Putri Santoso in May 24 , 2010. She captured a photo which is a gift from local youth Bandung for Prambors Bandung. She is in frame actually. What is correlation between Prambors and her? If you are living in Bandung city, I bet you’re gonna find her easily. She still worked in one of well known radio station in Bandung which is Prambors Bandung as announcer. Yes! She is my partner in this project. You can find her here.

And that picture was taken by me in May 31, 2010. We call that Tugu Jogja, an icon of Yogyakarta city.

About this project
I never met Putri before. But we did much unimportant conversation via messenger. We decided to make this project. We call this SCREENCAST project | a pict a day | distance through images.

this is a share-project by us. We're two friends who lives in two different city and haven't met each-other yet, but we share the same interest of things. This project contains pictures, taken each day til the day we finally met.

we didn't do a serious photography project here, we're just simply taking a-picture-a-day everyday. Pictures from two cities will tells about moments, mumbles, craft, trees, sky or any kind of things that just caught by our eyes.

So, this blog will update every day. Glad to see you there. Thanks for visiting our project.

Between Jogja and Bandung, 8 hours away from each-other by train, this is how we share things together through images. enjoy!


screencast said...

yay! Sceencast featured in Blogojan :)

diazbela said...

awsome, Jan! :D

blogojan said...

yey! it must be Putri over there! :D

thanks Diaz :D

lets have fun!

Angga Prawadika said...

Hahaha ... XD

Still wondering how can you get this idea... Like this very much Jan! ^^

blogojan said...

get this idea?
wah kayaknya abis liat desain2mu jadi kepikiran gini mas..

hahaha.. kita mbok sekali2 ngobrol langsung atau via ym...

ngobrolnya di comment blog doang nih..

yuk ngobrol ketemuan duduk2 bareng...


new colour said...

wAH,,,,WAH,,,,,,Menginspirasi,,,,mantaps jan....

Just Do " Click" and show the picture,,heheheh,,menyenangkan,,,

blogojan said...

well thanks banget ya dirga.. kalo sempet maen2 aja ke screencast :D

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