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Sunday, August 30, 2009


One day, I did googling, and then I found
This web allow us to do postcards swapping all around the world.
I’m very excited with this project.
So I use my own photography and lomography results to made postcards.
Here they are some of postcards I’ve made and sent.
And postcards swapping become one of my hobby.

For you who wants to do postcards swapping with me.
Just send me mail at
Or just write comments.
Thank you ^^


dindie said...

ojan...aku mau aku mau. tapi tunggu habis lebaran ya :) mungkin postcardnya nggak akan sebanyak yang kamu punya heheheheh.

blogojan said...

asikkk!!! ^^ aku nih newbie kok di bidang postcrossing.. hahaha :D
jadi aku belom menjadi kolektor postcard...

oke oke..

kirim alamatnya aja ke yah...

makasih banget!!! :D

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