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Sunday, August 30, 2009


First day in fasting month, I ask my mother to give me lesson about sewing.
In whole day, I only sat with sewing machine, fabrics, and other instruments like needle.
This is the first time I got the lesson.
I don’t have enough realistic idea to be done.
But just a hand bag and baby pillow I have done with my own hand.
Here they are.

My friend, called Mia, give me an opportunity to know and learn more about clay.
Clay is one of crafting that looks like sculpturing.
But the main materials are white glue (we use VOX) and flour.
They mixed with special color tints and then we can shape it as we want.
During shaping the clay, if we want more wet, we can add more glue.
But if we want more dry, we can add the flour.
After finish shaping, we just let them stay for somedays (maybe 3days) and they will be almost like stones.
We can make it as ornament in our house.
Hahaha :D

Another things I’ve done is making stickers.
I made simple design, and went to stickers shop.
They will cut it with cutting sticker machine.
It worked quickly and good shape.
It was not too much cost.
I put it in my new camera (the story will be in the next post) and glass where my mom safe cookies.
Here they are..
Enjoy.. ^^


ilhamsyah metharani said...

arggghhh jadi pengen eximusnya superheadz jugaaa xp

itu cutting sticker bikin sendiri jan? heibaaatttt!!!^^

blogojan said...

hahahah :D

itu tinggal bawa designnya ke toko stiker jadi deh.. :D

heheheh :d

azizahlaurensia said...

Jan itu claynya pake tepung jenis apa? Pake pewarna textil apa gimana? Tengkyu infonya jaan.

blogojan said...

itu aku lupa pake tepung ap yang jelas pake tepung khusus clay.. jadi campuran gitu jah.. ada pengawetnya juga..

pewarnanya juga pake pewarna clay.. sepaket gitu deh....

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