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Saturday, September 22, 2012

How To Make DIY Coaster from Ice Sticks

Hello, Everyone!
how beautiful this life if we can share to others, right? Today, I wanna share about little things, how to make DIY Coaster from Ice Sticks. This coaster look like wooden palette. It's so simple, so easy, you make it by your self. Let's start! :D

 DIY Coaster from Ice Sticks


 prepare your ice sticks, 
we need to cut round parts of stick.
Measure it till 10cm, make it all same.

 Ice stick made of soft wood
so we can cut it by scissors only.

 Make a rectangle like this.
 glue it using white glue (wooden glue)

arrange the sticks like this
no need to precisely measured actually
you can make your own style.

 this is mine.
glue first, and put the sticks.

 almost done. 

taraaa..! :D
we're done..
now we have DIY coaster to beautify this life

see ya


Adeayu said...

cute! I'll try it too :D

blogojan said...

yeeeey... :D let me know ya when you're done :D hihi :D

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