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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Make Photo Props at HONFablab

Hello, everyone! :)
Today, I wanna share about my recent activity, make photo props (property). I made it in HONFablab. I made this photo props from 3mm plywood. And then cut it using intelligent big machine, SHOPBOT. About the shape, I just download the vector from internet. It's so easy and fun, you can make your own photo props at HONFablab, so what are you waiting for, just come :)

 Ira, Gentur, and Aga (HONFablab team)
*make photo like this when you come there* 

 Cutting process 

 Cutting process 

 can you see four faces?

 just put any stick on it, 
and you're ready to be captured!


 And this one, I try to play with spray color and sticker.
So we can also have a dialog box as a photoprops.

 go make any sticker you want.
*you can make it in HONFablab too*

 put it on your chat box plate.
Spray color on it, 
and put off your sticker.

 taraaa.. now, we have chat box as photo props!
let's play! :D


Adeayu said...

damn cool!
but it's from plywood, hard to make.. hmm maybe the alternative from carton.

visit my little cream button♥

blogojan said...

hahaha.. thankyou for visiting.. hihi :D

ya ya.. you can make your own! :D

Azam Raharjo said...

Wedyaaan saiki dolane ning HONFLab!
Kereeen, jan :))

blogojan said...

Iya Zam.. mung dolan.. haha..
thanks ya udah mampir :)


tricajus said...

haha,, so funny and creative :)

blogojan said...


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