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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Birthday Gift FOR Ermaya

Ermaya Widiastuti is her full name.
She is my college mate.
And you know what?
Her birthday date was the same as me.
I’m just a year older.
Hahahah.. :D
Days ago I got problems with her,
And I wanna this stuff as birthday gift and apologize gift for her.
I made her a cross stitch in a deer and text pattern.
Beside I’d like to make a deer pattern,
I just understand that deer is as beautiful as her.
Hahahaha... :D
I wrapped the gift still in printed samson paper.
I hope that she will be happy for this gift.
FYI : you can visit ermaya’s page at
See yah.. :)


Milly said...

Ahh i love this :)

blogojan said...

milly : thankyou so much... :)

hecallsmemylovely said...

thank you, Fauzan Riza :D

blogojan said...

you're welcome ermaya.. :D

martha puri natasande said...

bagus bgt hadiahnya...
wah hebat... bisa kristik :)

blogojan said...

aha! mbak Puri jalan jalan sampe sini.. hihihihi...

terima kasih mbak...

itu juga masih belajar kristik.. sampe sekarang.. masih belum terlalu rapi...

anyway, terima kasih ya.. :)

aku suka juga ideku handmade! :D

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