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Monday, November 9, 2009

Souvenir for Media and Journalism Seminar

My friend named Yustan asked me to make souvenir for this event
This souvenirs plans for the gift for the speaker in that seminar
At the first time I don’t know what I have to do with budget 60.000 rupiah (its about 6 US$) per souvenir
He wants some kind of unusual souvenir, and handmade stuff
I just go to embroidery shop and find the stuff separately.
And I made it.
Here the results.
It cost approximately 25.000 rupiah per piece
And I don’t know where the money run right now.
Hahahahaha ^^
I don’t really care about it.
What I care just I can make something for someone.
I hope that all the speakers will be happy with that souvenir.
Enjoy the picture! ^^


MIGOMAGI Brand said...

woww, keren jan... ngomong2 ini apaan sih? kawat ato...?

blogojan said...

itu semacam per bolpen tu lho, bang..
tapi dibentuk begituan..

saya teh belom ngarti juga bikinnya gimana... tapi lucu aja ni barang..

hahahah :D

terima kasih.. :)

dindie said...

iya ini keren...:)

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